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A profile picture is the very first impression we can convey online. They decide whether we are swiped left or right on a dating platform. It sounds superficial, but that’s how almost all of us humans work. If we like something or someone visually, our interest is aroused. It’s usually no different in a club, for example. Especially in interpersonal relationships where sexual attraction also plays a role.

In addition, photos are a certain form of verification and often allow quick conclusions to be drawn about gender, age and type. That’s why pictures are also an important part of your profile on Deviance. We would like to explain below what makes a good photo and, of course, how you can score points on Deviance with your profile picture.

1. show your best side in your profile picture

Every one of us is beautiful. It just depends on the angle. When you choose a photo of yourself for your dating profile or take one, try to look like you would on a date. If you open your front camera while lying on the couch with unwashed hair straight after getting up, you’re not going to like the person looking at you, are you? It’s a different story if you’ve dressed up and are in a good mood. Of course, you can also look for a nice shot in your photo archive. Just make sure it’s not too old.

2. show what makes you special and offer a basis for conversation

We are most authentic when we do what we love. Do you have a particular hobby, do you like cooking, hiking or dancing? Then there may already be a picture of you in this context. Photos that show something of your personality make it easier for others to approach you online and make it easier to start a conversation.

3. your profile picture can be kinky

When choosing a photo for Deviance, you may also want to make a BDSM reference. You are welcome to show yourself in your favorite outfit that fits your role. Don’t be ashamed, we’re all kinky here. Just make sure you follow our photo guidelines and don’t go too far out on a limb.

Contrary to what is often portrayed on social media, it’s not nudity, paint and latex, breasts or a six-pack that make a kinky photo. Sometimes it’s just the right look, a smile or a toy that you can only guess a part of. You can also leave a little to the imagination of the other users.

In any case, make sure that you only use photos that you feel comfortable with. As the saying goes: the internet never forgets. You shouldn’t upload anything that could make you feel uncomfortable afterwards.

4. keep it real – #nofilter ?

Beauty filters and Photoshop have become indispensable on social media. The BDSM scene is also often about visual staging and everything should look as aesthetic or erotic as possible. In online dating, however, you should stay a little closer to the truth than in a photo shoot. This is about you as a “real person” and not about a flawless internet presence.

Even if you embody a certain role as a kinkster and want to show it off, you shouldn’t go overboard with the editing. In theory, you can iron out every wrinkle in your profile picture and conjure up a pubic nose or gleaming white teeth. But this effort will be wasted on the first date at the latest and you’ll have to score points with your inner values anyway.

Our tip: upload at least one photo without filters or heavy editing.

5. how to selfie – and how not.

You want to take a new photo of yourself and you’re not one of those selfie specialists and hobby models who feel like a top model in front of the camera? Here are a few tips on how to take a successful selfie:

  • Use daylight. Stand in front of a window or go outside. This will give you the best lighting and your photo will be less “noisy”.
  • Don’t hold your smartphone too close, as this will distort your proportions. An arm’s length away and slightly from above is best.
  • Note that you will quickly look wider and less approachable if you photograph yourself from below.
  • Take your time and take lots of photos from different angles. Try to smile and try different facial expressions. Be relaxed. If it looks stupid, no one will see it. In the end, take your time to choose what you like best.
  • It’s okay to be a little creative. Black and white or color filters can give your picture that certain something without distorting your appearance.

6. you want to remain anonymous? Your profile picture will make you want more even without a face

Of course, it’s also okay not to want to show your face online and/or in relation to BDSM. Even if you don’t want to reveal your “real person”, you can still use Deviance. Simply show yourself with your favorite mask or upload a photo of your favorite kinky product as your profile picture. Image details can also be interesting and reveal something about you. However, if you are wearing a mask or have no face, you should definitely use the profile description to share the most important information and tell other users more about yourself.

7. show multiple facets

With or without a face: Profiles with just one picture arouse suspicion in many people because they provide little information. Is the person real? Are there other things about this person apart from what I see in this one picture?

If possible, upload several pictures, at least two different ones, to tell people more about you. The more facets you show of yourself, the more attractive you appear and the more points of contact you offer for a conversation.

8. What you should avoid

  • Shaky, blurred or dark pictures. Unless of course it was staged that way on purpose.
  • Holding the smartphone camera too close to your face.
  • Photos with friends or other people who have not clearly consented to you using this image on Deviance.
  • Photos in which you have obviously cropped out other people. This gives rise to speculation. Is it the girlfriend who is not allowed to know about your activities? An ex-playmate with whom things ended badly?
  • Anything that violates our guidelines and the protection of minors, especially nudity, inhuman symbols, violent motifs, depictions of extreme practices.

  • “Funny” sayings and greeting card images. Such pictures are more likely to create a silly impression than to be taken seriously. You can certainly demonstrate your sense of humor in a conversation/chat.

Of course, pictures aren’t everything, so you should put at least as much effort into your profile text. After all, your text gives you the opportunity to show more of your character than your looks. You can find a guide to setting up your profile in our articles “How to create a kinky dating profile” and “Your profile text – how to type correctly”.

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