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Your profile text, along with your photos, is your business card when online dating. It is the first, non-optical impression that you give to the visitor. Therefore, you should think carefully about what you want to include in your profile. Because writing nothing at all or only writing cryptically in your profile is certainly the worst option. This is more of a deterrent or an indication that you aren’t making any effort. After all, you want to encourage other people to become interested in you. We’ll explain to you here how this works best.

Which data should I disclose in the profile text?

Here you decide for yourself which of your personal details you are open with and what is sensitive. Always remember that your information is public and available to anyone online. Therefore, information that allows you to be tracked down or enables unwanted, personal contact does not belong in your profile text. This includes your address, telephone number, email, place of work, sports club and so on. This is also important to protect other people around you. In addition, it would also arouse great suspicion in the community to handle intimate data so carelessly.

But which information is important? When dating online, you should definitely state your age or at least roughly define it. A rough idea of ​​where you live also helps others classify you as a potential counterpart. Many people like to specify their job or hobbies in order to make an initial classification of interests. At Deviance you can also display your role(s) in your profile. It is also advisable to briefly mention what you are looking for on the platform. Steady relationship? Casual fun? Exchange with like-minded people or playing partners?

The perfect ode to yourself

Your profile text should neither be just about yourself, nor should it just be a request for a partner. For once, you are welcome to start with yourself. Briefly introduce yourself. You’ll quickly stumble across awkward sentences like: “I’m xy and I like (…). In my free time I do (…). I’m more of a (…) person.” Is that too boring for you? Here are a few alternative ideas where you can of course replace the information:

  • As a child I liked (…). Today I like (…).
  • Seen from the outside, I seem (…) because I mostly (…). Actually, I am (…).
  • My perfect weekend consists of (…).
  • Without (…) I can no longer imagine life.
  • My biggest vice is (…). For that I can score points with (…).
  • Others describe me as (…).

Of course, you can also design the text completely differently and be creative. Maybe you have a special photo in your profile that you can say something about? Or an anecdote? A nice quote that you like to relate to yourself can also be interesting. A good profile text makes starting a conversation easier.

Please no job advertisements

Of course, what you are looking for also belongs in your profile text. However, the whole thing should not look like a job description or a requirements profile. Sentences like “My dream woman/dream man should…” tend to put your profile visitors off or put pressure on some people right from the start. Instead of making demands, try to package your preferences in an enticing way:

  • If you enjoy (…), I can certainly make you happy with (…).
  • Ideally, my (playing) partner also likes (…) or would like to find out more about it.
  • If you are interested in (…), I would be happy to tell you about it.
  • When a person does/is (…), I find that particularly likeable/attractive.
  • Although (…) is out of the question for me, I am all the more interested in (…).

Of course, your boundaries and limits, as well as personal no-gos, such as age differences, smoking, role relationships and lifestyle, are also absolutely important. However, these can be dealt with quickly when a match occurs. This information only makes your profile text unnecessarily brittle.

What should I write in my profile text specifically related to BDSM?

If you want to make it easier for your partner to get started with BDSM on a platform like Deviance, you could, for example…

  • explain what BDSM means to you individually
  • describe one of your key moments
  • describe how you imagine getting to know each other
  • tell how long you have been doing BDSM. Even if you are still a beginner! Honesty is the most important thing here.

This really has no place in your profile text

Especially on a kinky platform, some people are quickly tempted to overstep the mark or forget the etiquette. It may be attractive for a submissive person to directly offer themselves as submissive in public. However, such “requests” quickly give the impression that you have not realistically dealt with the topic of finding a partner. The profile text of a dominant person should not be bossy and focused on submission.

The basic rule is: write about your role – not in your role.

Whether statements about politics, beliefs and religion belong in your profile text is probably debatable. However, extreme statements, intolerance and conspiracy theories are not permitted under any circumstances. Even boring jokes or googled sayings rarely make an impression. Anyone who wants to be particularly funny usually achieves exactly the opposite. In addition, a platform for equally naughty people should always be child-free, at least in public areas. If you are unsure about certain content, it can also be helpful to take a look at the website’s guidelines.

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