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Content/trigger warning: coprophilia

What does queening mean?

The term “queening”, also known as “facesitting”, is a sexual practice in which one partner sits on or over the other’s face to allow or force oral sex or rimming. Breathplay can also be integrated into this dominant style of play.

What is so fascinating about facesitting?

Like hardly any other practice, queening enables a demonstration of power and superiority with the greatest possible pleasure for the dominant person. She can completely set the rhythm and determine the intensity. For women in particular, queening combines stimulation and power in a unique way, as cunnilingus is the easiest way to reach orgasm for many.

For the submissive part, it is very erotic to watch the dominant person, see intimate details up close and, in the most common variant with a dominant woman, to watch the vagina directly in front of her face as the muscles twitch during orgasm.

What to pay attention to when queening

Queening or facesitting, like most BDSM practices, requires a certain level of trust. In addition, as always, boundaries and wishes should be clarified beforehand.

Since the submissive partner may not have the opportunity to use a safeword, non-verbal exit options or signs should also be agreed upon. For example, tapping with your hands free or ringing with a bell attached to your ankle can be used.

Also not unimportant: Queening is a real full-body workout that can demand a lot even from the dominant person. The abdominal and thigh muscles are required to regulate the intensity. In order for the giving partner to get enough air, some pressure must be removed from their face every now and then.

What variants of queening are there?

When queening, there are different ways to increase the intensity of submission or helplessness, depending on individual preferences.

From loving to extreme

In the most tender version, the lower partner is not deprived of air during queening or facesitting and the hands are released to enable the stimulation of other erogenous zones.

When walking harder, the lower partner’s freedom of movement or air supply is restricted by the person sitting on top of them. Body pressure, moisture, body odors and darkness can suggest strong helplessness, depersonalization or compulsions.

In extreme forms, urophilia and coprophilia are also practiced, i.e. pee or caviar is ingested by the submissive person.

Front and reverse facesitting

In addition to the classic front facesitting, in which the active part sits towards the partner’s face, in reverse facesitting the woman sits with her back to the partner’s face. The anal area in particular is easier to reach for the submissive person. This position is also particularly suitable for additional stimulation of the passive partner or for “disturbing” their activity, for example using CBT.

Jeans sitting

A fetishistic variant of facesitting with jeans, which can be quite painful for the passive part, depending on how hard the jeans are worked. Some prefer clothed facesitting with other materials such as pantyhose, nylon or latex.


Is an extreme practice and means queening underwater, which can pose corresponding dangers.

Bound facesitting

A combination of bondage and queening in which the passive partner is completely tied up and immobilized. This increases the feeling of use. This is primarily about controlling the air supply.

For real fans: Queening furniture

Special furniture is sometimes used, such as a “queening stool” or a “smotherbox”. A queening stool is a low seat that fits over the submissive’s face and has an opening that allows for oral stimulation of the seated dominant.

A smotherbox is a special variant of a chair or stool in which the person serving can also be fixed. These boxes have two openings, one for the person’s neck and one above their face. The inside of the box is usually padded and supports the neck and possibly also fixes the head.

This means that the submissive part can carry out the activity relatively comfortably for a longer period of time, and such a piece of furniture also increases comfort for the dominant person. The intensity of the other senses can be significantly increased through fixation and being locked up and the associated darkness.

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