“You are my Toy!”

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What exactly is a Toy?

Talking about “Toys” in BDSM-context, we usually mean dildos, vibrators, ball chains and much more. But when is a Toy actually a role?

A Toy is a submissive person who is used as a toy by the dominant counterpart to satisfy lust. This can be objectifying and dehumanizing, but it doesn’t have to be. As always, it is important to communicate ideas, fantasies, wishes and limits as well as mutual consent.

What roles is the Toy related to?

Toys are submissive personalities, and dehumanization is usually part of it for them. This is what they have in common with Dolls. Almost all bottoms or subs can also partially or partially see themselves as a Toy in a game or can take on and enjoy the role of a Toy. The extent to which dehumanization or objectification is perceived as pleasant is very individual. We speak of a Toy when serving the desire of the person playing above is the main part of the game. Toys tend not to be humiliated as would be the case with Sissys, for example. They are simply used.

Who matches with a Toy?

Degraders and makers are often true masters of objectification and therefore very good counterparts to Toys. In general, almost all Tops or Doms are a good match as a dominant partner, especially those people who are good at satisfying their own needs. These can be, for example, Master/Mistress or sadists.

As a Toy it is important that…

..good aftercare is provided. Playing with dehumanization can be a violent, psychological dynamic. Especially then it is important to be able to talk about feelings in detail after a session.

You should have a lot of dedication and joy, because as a toy the most important task is to satisfy the person playing above. You can be used as a Toy if your top wants it. Just like the vibrator in the nightstand does.

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