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Content/trigger warning: sexualized violence, Intrusiveness

Who or what is a Spanko?

In general, the definition of a person with the title “Spanko” refers to someone who enjoys “Impact Play,” which involves spanking. This term is derived from “spanking,” meaning “to hit.” It doesn’t matter whether the person is the giver or receiver. In BDSM, this occurs consensually and after discussing limits.

Where does the term Spanko come from?

The origin of the name stems from a curious story in England. In the 17th century, there was a sexual offender known as Whipping Tom. In 1681, he lurked amidst small courtyards between Fleet Street, the Strand, and Holborn in dark alleys or yards, targeting unaccompanied women. He approached them, grabbed them, and lifted their skirts. Then, he struck the woman’s buttocks with his hand. Allegedly, he would shout “Spanko!” before fleeing.

Top and bottom – what roles is a Spanko related to?

A Spanko enjoys both being spanked and spanking others. This sets Spankos apart from Spankees and Spankers, where the role in the play is clearly defined. One could say it’s a very detailed term for a preference in switching individuals. Thus, the role is similar to being a Switch but also akin to being Primal.

Who matches a Spanko?

Someone who enjoys both giving and receiving spankings is a great addition. Their other role identification doesn’t play a particularly significant role – whether as Brat-Tamers, Master/Mistresses, Doms, Subs, Bottoms, or Primals – for the Spanko, it’s about the practice. Hence, there’s a considerable overlap with other roles, especially when playing with more than one partner.

What do I have to consider when playing as or with a Spanko?

As always, nothing works without consent. Clarify the intensity, boundaries and wishes with each other. Some people may like to be hit with the palm of their hand, others prefer instruments like flogger, paddle and riding crop. After a spanking session, you should pay attention to aftercare, which includes tenderness and, if necessary, wound care.

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